Saturday, February 18, 2006


is perhaps the best year of my life. in terms of career, family, philosophy and relationship. now all i need is the best year of my life in terms of finances and i would've gone full circle.

my friends, i have charged thorugh the year full throttle and i have bumped into the most bizarre of circumstances... i'm beyond quota of my share of emotional turmoils and triumphs in this side of the world.

i asked god to make my life a little more exciting because i was dead bored at the end of 2004. and he poured the entire bucket of snakes on me.

and you know what else? i expect the next two years to be ten times busier than the last. i brace myself for juvenile cardiac arrest.

i may be silly, but i sure am glad to be alive right now :)

yellow cab pizza scam

there's a whole new world of corporate diseases around here, but i couldn't care less as long as i am able to excercise my right to build that proverbial wall of detachment from annoying business partners.

here's the thing... those with meagre production are also the loudest. as if they are compensating for their poor performance by being notorious. understandable if you think beyond the usual horizon like me... they are not recognized in production reports so they make up for their lack of presence by making themselves famously obnoxious.

i wish we didn't order four boxes of yellow cab pizza for those amoeba.