Saturday, February 26, 2005

cebu city charter day in leyte

last thurs, i trade ironies and sarcasms with a monster of a trainee in tacloban.

by noon, with an empty stomach, i dump my belongings into my luggage with a hope to make it to ormoc by the nextsupercat trip to cebu.

at the public utility van terminal, i am met by an anxious dispatcher rattling off in waray that the waiting van leaves as soon as one final passenger gets on board. we all know what that means. least wanted seat.

i squeeze into the small crevice between two middle-aged hombres at the back seat, by butt hanging over the edge. i yell over the music to the driver, asking him to turn up the air conditioning. he replies that it was on maximum cool already.

this is a three-hour trip that would seem like three days.

the man to my right reads the national paper with single-minded determination as he spreads it, turns and rustles the pages, folds and unfolds them, apparently oblivious to the discomfort he is weilding when pages brush against my face or his elbow pokes into my ribs. soon enough, he gives up the effort and dozes off while his duffel bag slips onto my lap every time the van takes a sharp right.

the man to my left dozed off the moment we roll down the thoroughfare. he sleeps with his head thrown back and his mouth open. he snores and he seems to be stricken with halitosis. every time the van takes a left, his weight is pushed into my side and i slide off my little space inch by inch. i am about ready for the lord.

and the lord cancelled all supercat trips for the day.

i drag my luggage to the nearest hotel. in a stupor, i mumbled a request to the concierge to have the bellhop bring my stuff to the room while i eat a 530pm lunch.

i walk to the internet cafe and the attendant tells me that the service provider is down. whatever that means, it sounds sinister.

so i walk back to the hotel in an even blurrier stupor and some scrawny high schoolboy on a motorbike lets out a sudden yell as the two gro-looking high schoolgirls riding behind him shriek in terror. they miss me by an inch on the curb. and as i turn to assess the street, lo and behold, there were miles of space on the bend for him to sensibly make an amateur turn. i yell profanities in their wake. startled passers-by stare at me as i walk the last few meters in a huff.

at least the bath tub is newly-installed.

Monday, February 21, 2005

the seaweed is greener...

i was to be reassigned to home office by march 1 in an arduous attempt to promote me (can you say, expose my obnoxious self to higher ups?).

less than i week ago, i received an offer sheet from a competitor for their cebu regional office.

dare i refuse?

apparently not, as i am printing a resignation letter right here in our tacloban automated center and satellite office. tomorrow i will be mailing this through company pouch. my last blow at exploiting company resources...

if this is against corporate ethics, and i bet prudes out there are ready to wag their bony fingers at me, may i just say that this happens all the time across the industry, so who am i to diverge from the road most travelled???

my last chance to appreciate my mess

good riddance

i am so happy :)))

Friday, February 18, 2005

and so it goes

gee, thanks, antonio vidal.

for posting my unwarranted remarks on that so-called love :p i don't feel so strongly about it, i just have a lot to say about it. wait til you read my mail...

and by the way, i always look slimmer in pictures, even in videos, as fedback by too many of my friends and trainees already. kaya siguro maraming gustong makipag friends saken sa friendster... they are deceived. HR even made this snide remark na the photo i sent for my permanent id seems as if it was taken a few pounds ago. to which i quickly retorted that it was taken two days ago...

you know the claim that the camera adds ten pounds??? the only way it'll be true for me is if i EAT the camera.

sa marunong lang yan mag project... ;)

Monday, February 14, 2005

it's valentine's day. OT in the office and i am bored to tears

this is maje in marriott.

this is me and mia and maje. we're in rizal's house in dapitan.

orange on the steps. do not be deceived.

whatshername and minnie, district convention.

with loryfel in the same district convention.

orange asleep on the upcat ad.

the fishtank in metrocenter.

judge don and bianca being pulled aside by britta.

helga, matt, maia, me and eva in vudu lounge.

my usual haunt at the supercat terminal.

orange hiding under the bush.

i have to get back to work.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

i venture into strange towns just to find this rare internet cafe

exploit company resources within reasonable bounds whenever possible. i took this siquijor trip because of the moon over the water, the breeze from the ocean, the dinner of fresh seafood, and the guitar last tuesday. i got up on wednesday on a linen hammock, the sun on my face, the beach to one side, gardens on the other, and a cottage room on the hill. and i also conducted an evening seminar on the side.

last night, i moved to a school campus, invited myself into their college guest house, a 70's-looking structure appendaged with a balcony overlooking the shore. wind whipped my hair in all different directions and lighting a cigarette was formidable work. i got up early today to get impromptu tennis sessions on the clay court right next to the room. tonight, i conduct an evening seminar on the side.

tomorrow, i get up even earlier to whack more tennis balls. i'd borrow the security guard's bike and ride around town until sundown. then there's the evening seminar on the side.